"A blessing to Rochdale and its communities. The last few years have been the most difficult and Skylight's work is valued & needed more than ever within the Borough"


- Mohammed 'Shiri' Sheraz,  Army of Kindness

"The youth groups loved taking part and learning new skills"


- Rochdale Connections (RCT)

Inspiring the next generation

"She walked out filled with all the confidence she lost over lockdown. Skylight are amazing and I'm so grateful for everything they do"

Group Circus Skills Taster Workshop

Short Circus Workshop

A popular 1-2 hour popular session for up to 30 participants (a class). Easily achievable skills like feather-balancing are taught to the whole group first. Success breeds success! Trainers give an entertaining demonstration of skills and participants either choose which to concentrate on or are divided into groups that move round activities.

Full day Circus Workshop

More skills are added, including:  tight wire, stilt-walking or unicycles and pyramids… and the group can perform skills at the end of the session, to each other or an informal audience e.g. family or colleagues.

Workshops are designed around client’s needs

  • In Skylight’s space or your venue
  • For all ages – youth groups, Performing Arts, schools, libraries, fetes, Brownies, Cubs, retirement homes
  • For groups with disabilities and ‘hard to reach’ groups
  • For the whole school, a year or a specific group
  • From 1.5 hours to all day
  • A taster, a reward, specific skills workshop or fun ‘have-a-go’
  • A ‘one-off’ or a residency or performance project over several sessions

Skylight Circus workshops

  • Have an ethos of co-operation, not competition, everyone feels included!
  • Are taught in a safe supportive environment
  • Increase spatial awareness, co-ordination, fitness, flexibility and self esteem
  • Build confidence through learning, challenging and achieving 
  • Give opportunities for participants to be wowed by trainer’s skills


To book your group session please contact 01706 650676 or complete the enquiry form below.


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